Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Friday, Friday, gonna get gowned on Fridayyyy

In three short days time I will officially be a graduate. I will have donned the fancy gowns and mortar board, and I will hopefully not have embarrassed myself by falling/ losing my gown/ forgetting my name and any number of painfully plausible possibilities. Naturally this means I am job-hunting. And of course this means that I am spending an unhealthy amount of my time wasting time thinking about how cool the world would be if employment wasn't a necessity.

I haven't put a great deal of thought into the practicalities of this (shockingly), but here's an idealistic expectation of the world without 'work'.

Obviously, money would have no place in this world of no employment. Ironically, the only negative I see in the possibility of this happening is that it would put the people that print it/ work in banks/ offer loans etc. out of work. This wouldn't be an issue in this 'no-work' world... Win! Without money, there would be no stable grounds on which poverty would be based. Well done Charlie! You just eradicated poverty! (I get that poverty is waaaay more complicated than this... but this is my daydream!!)

Also, so much more time could be spent doing what you wanted! Imagine reaching the age of 90 and coming to the sudden realisation that you never learnt to play the recorder. (I don't see how it would be possible to pass through primary school and not learn this wonderful instrument... but there's a possibility I guess) How depressing if you were the only person you ever knew that couldn't once play he recorder. All because of that darn-freakin' job you had to have forever! (I understand that maybe recorder isn’t what you would choose to spend your unemployed life perfecting, but that is your shout*)

‘This no-work-world is sounding pretty sweet’ I hear you thinking. And it’s possible! If you just dedicate your life to unemployment, who knows what the future might hold?! 

*Just a heads up that should this world happen, you can expect to be seeing me in the Guinness book of records with my recorder and my Grade 76 certificate! Try not to be too jealous of my achievement. ;)

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