Sunday, 20 May 2012

What if the Earth were a bouncy ball?

I have written my last ever essay! Ever! Which means I now have time to think about life’s big questions… Like where we would be if the Earth was a bouncy ball.

Obviously the biggest difference to day-to-day life if the Earth was a bouncy ball would be the ferocity of a bouncy ball. Aeroplanes, helicopters, birds and superman would all be in grave danger. The impact of the bouncy ball being bounced off of the Earth would propel the ball at a great speed into the surrounding atmosphere. A side effect of this would mean that the Earth itself would be susceptible to shifting in space as well. The biggest danger though, lies in the very slim possibility that multiple bouncy balls could be ‘bounced’ at the same time onto the surface of the Earth worldwide. Studies show that there is about a 0.052% chance of this happening, but should this happen outer space would be in turmoil! The Earth would be whizzing through space with millions of other bouncy balls and collision would be almost certain.

Another concern in this scenario would be the natural process of precipitation. Rain would be annoying. Hail would be lethal. Imagine having to suffer the attack of one hailstorm multiple times, from all angles. It would be like partaking in a paintballing game with Mother Nature… whoever you are, you would lose.

The final life-changing aspect of the Earth as a bouncy ball would be the effect on athletic competition. The buoyancy which the Earth as a bouncy ball would provide would speed up everybody. No one would be spectacularly fast anymore and so running as a sport would become insignificant. The triple jump, long jump, high jump would also be rendered as no longer challenging and therefore scrapped as competitive sports. Javelin would be highly dangerous, and so health and safety certainly would not allow it! The same applies for shot-put.  

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