Sunday, 8 April 2012

If I was a stickman...

If I was a stickman my left leg would be twice as long as my right leg because then if I was a stickman-footballer I would probably be left-footed and left-footed footballers are better. I wouldn’t have feet though because I don’t like feet and not having any would mean I could save money on socks and shoes. I don’t think this would affect my footballing because the ball and I would both be 2D so I wouldn’t need the same lift or grip feet give in 3D. 
I would be a traditional black biro ink (hopefully bic). I think traditional stickmen probably make the best stickmen, though I am a little worried that due to my traditional frame of a line, I would feel hungry a lot of the time. I’d probably eat foods drawn in those cool scented gel pens everyone had in year 5.
Everyday I’d do something new and exciting because everything would be made of paper which is pretty cheap. I might even have a stickfriend drawn up so that I didn’t feel lonely and I had someone to do the new and exciting things with. 
The first new and exciting thing I would do would be climbing stairs that go all the way to the top of the page. This would probably take a whole day and leave me exhausted so then I’d sleep. Maybe the next day I would float back down to the foot of the stairs in a hot air balloon shaped like an elephant. 
I don’t think I’d have hair so hopefully I wouldn't catch fire as easy.
I might have a different number of fingers on each hand, I don't know how this would work out.

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