Saturday, 10 March 2012

Catch the pigeon!

Tomorrow I am running 13 miles dressed as Muttley. I am running with Dick Dastardly.

I am excited for this, but here’s five things I’d be more excited about…   
Repainting every ceiling in Bermuda using only a Tipp-Ex. Bermuda’s small enough that I don’t think this’d be too strenuous, also I hear the weather there’s lovely this time of year*
Swimming through a swamp. It would be a great workout for the arms, boost the old immune system and there might be a chance encounter with some sort of swamp monster
Having my hair cut. I just really need a hair cut … practicality.
Taking a long weekend on Pluto. Pluto was my favourite of all the planets, now it is my favourite of all the dwarf planets
... CHRISTMAS!! I really, really, really, really like Christmas though obviously not as much as that weird man who celebrates it every day, Jee

Exciting as these alternates are, if I were doing one of these tomorrow there’d be no hope of catching that freaking pigeon.

*This is a lie, I’ve never spoken to anyone about a pleasant time to visit Bermuda.

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