Sunday, 4 March 2012

I forgot the mushroom and my passport

It took me a couple of minutes this morning after my alarm going off to realise that in my head I was repeating the sentence “I forgot the mushroom and my passport”. I then questioned what the hell I was dreaming about. These are my three favourite scenarios...

Dream 1
Clearly I am Super Mario.

Dream 2
I have taken to the recreational use of mild hallucinogenics. I have gone to Amsterdam to stock up on said hallucinogenics and whilst at the airport in Amsterdam waiting for my flight home I have realised that I have forgotten the mushroom and my passport. Drat.

Dream 3
I have acquired a time machine. My passport is not to travel across country but across time and I wanted the mushroom to take back to the past with me either to the time of the dinosaur in order to prevent them from extinction (because I’ve heard they may have died of starvation…). If this was my destination we’d probably still have dinosaurs. Alternatively I would take the mushroom back to the start of the first war and suggest the enemies just throw mushrooms at one another. If this was my destination war probably wouldn’t exist today because throwing mushrooms would look ridiculous and get them nowhere.

… I really don’t have a clue what I was dreaming about, but I’m grateful I don’t analyse my dreams.


  1. I hope it's the Super Mario Charlie one! : D

  2. Hi Charlie it is Julia <3 xxx